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Key Account Management (KAM) strategies

KAM in pharmaceutical companies (and everything it encompasses such as collaborative team selling, account plans, customer strategies and relationships, etc.) isn’t about figuring it all out ahead of time as in the good old days of coverage and call frequency targets, it’s the exact opposite. It’s a process of engagement and relationship building in which the process itself is the star. 

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Beautiful campaign management

"We saw opportunities to engage HCPs through more channels so we worked with Interactive Medica to extend our IM Cloud application from a sales CRM to a multi-channel engagement platform. Our sales team can now view campaign effectiveness real-time and our marketeers can adapt campaigns to reflect individual HCPs responsiveness to different channels."

Aesthetic Brand
50 users, multi-channel campaign management:

• Tele-sales
• eMarketing
• Analytical insights

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Gartner Market Guide for CRM in Pharma & Biotech

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