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Key Account Management (KAM) strategies

"Our problem was our CRM: it's basically a calendar in the cloud. But we have high-value brands to manage and our sales strategy is account-based not Doctor-based. So we set up an Excel spreadsheet which sort of worked. Then we met up with Interactive Medica who understood Account Planning strategies and helped map our needs into a cloud application tailored to our brand needs. We use it across our brand teams, sales and marketing. It's changed the way we work: we needed to be less silo-based & more team-based and with our application, we are."

Specialist Brand
30 users, multi-channel KAM and Analytic Insights



Beautiful campaign management

"We saw opportunities to engage HCPs through more channels so we worked with Interactive Medica to extend our IM Cloud application from a sales CRM to a multi-channel engagement platform. Our sales team can now view campaign effectiveness real-time and our marketeers can adapt campaigns to reflect individual HCPs responsiveness to different channels."

Aesthetic Brand
50 users, multi-channel campaign management:

• Tele-sales
• eMarketing
• Analytical insights

Interactive Medica Cloud Applications
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Gartner Market Guide for CRM in Pharma & Biotech

Interactive Medica named representative vendor

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