Analytics in Life Sciences is becoming operationalized; in other words, it is becoming an embedded part of driving business process…that's why Interactive Medica refers to it as embedded Insights to Action.

Embedded Insight can start with a dashboard on your homepage, dynamically tuned to who you are and what you do.  Most people have major "buckets" of insight they are looking for:  internal and external sales, account and activity management, marketing and campaign management and more...

Embedded means embedded in the business process dependent on who you are and what you do

Insight means contextual to who you are and what you do, or put another way, not irrelevant analytics

to-Action means, building virtuous circles of continual improvement by linking embedded insight with the ability to initiate action right there where you found that insight.

Lots of people, actually everybody, has Business Intelligence (BI) or Analytics somewhere in their company.  But that BI is typically divorced from the general business person or the business process that person is a part of.

BI or Analytics is best suited to the analyst and that is an extremely valuable capability in the context of discovery of new stuff, but not so great when it comes to doing things in an everyday operational tracking and monitoring context.  When it comes to "Actionable Analytics", actually the "action" bit is pretty much left up to you because those analytics are somewhere separate to your operational systems.

With Interactive Medica embedded Insights-to-Action, everybody has access to the information they need...not just managers...not just analysts...everybody...embedded in the commercial process, relevant in context to what that particular person does generally and is doing specifically and in a way that requires no training or prior expertise.

...and once you've got the insight you need, Interactive Medica places it embedded in your system right next to where you can do something about it.  Whether it's schedule an activity, assign a resource, initiate or change a campaign, with Interactive Medica your insight drives actions which in-turn drive virtuous circles of continuous improvement.