Accounts matter more now than ever before as Life Science companies seek to bring multi-functional conversations happening in parallel into one place to drive combined team success and deliver company objectives.

The account brings all the strategy, stakeholders and interactions together in one place.


  1. How do we evaluate, score and evaluate Key Accounts?
  2. What is our differentiated positioning with each Account?
  3. What is our over-arching strategy to drive success in the Account?
  4. What are the tactical objectives that drive our resourcing and activity assignment?


  1. Where do influential stakeholders reside (hint: almost certainly not all in the same place)?
  2. What existing relationships do we have in the account?
  3. What is the influence network that impacts decisions across the spectrum of conversation we need to have, such as:
    • contractual,
    • financial,
    • regulatory compliance,
    • registration and listing,
    • reimbursement and payment,
    • science and efficacy,
    • supply chain...and many more



  1. How do our daily activities, both human and digital, support our strategy?
  2. How successful are we not only in completing our activities, but how is that rolling up to the success of the account plan as a whole?
  3. Are we creating opportunities for improvement and capitalizing on them

Whether you are in Primary or Secondary care, almost all Life Sciences procurement is now Account-based. There's a whirlwind of activity as Pharma navigates the global macro-trends of:

  1. Consolidating purchasing with multi-disciplinary DMUs;
  2. Sophisticated negotiators and negotiation
  3. Parallel multi-functional, multi-disciplinary conversations
  4. Proliferating regulatory/compliance and reimbursement influence;
  5. A changing demographic as well as scientific advances resulting in a diversified long-tail of specialty products

Bringing this all together is the holy grail for Life Sciences right now. It's hot. Yet there are no established industry standards or gold standards to reference.

Successful Key Account Management presents a tremendous golden window of opportunity to differentiate in an increasingly noisy healthcare environment.

Interactive Medica's approach doesn't impose a rigid structure, instead Pharma can leverage Interactive Medica's decades of experience of working with many international Life Sciences companies across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas.

Operationally this means Interactive Medica solutions configures to the company's unique, proprietary and differentiated commercial go-to-market strategy.

Interactive Medica is a living, dynamic environment that at all times keeps the team on top of what's happening.

In the past, Life Sciences companies have tried to do this via template-based Excel spreadsheets, if you are one of those, you already know that this is not a workable solution. 


  • Formulary Dashboard
  • Formulary/Protocol Management
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Team (Resources)
  • KAM Analysis
  • Profit and Loss
  • Process: Bid/Risk Analysis
  • Process: CSF (Critical Success Factor)
  • Process: Goal/CSF/Key Action
  • Process: Objectives & Tactics
  • Process: Stages & Steps
  • Process: SWOT Analysis