Our award winning Key Account Management software, designed to give you competitive advantage in Managed Care and the complex Health Economy, supporting Market Access and Medical Science Liaison. IM KAM Aligns to your Business Strategy, supports your Teams and enhances their Skills whilst ensuring compliance to your specific Business Process.


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IM KAM enable account managers to plan and execute a
strategy focusing on the key stakeholders that drive decision
making, formulary adoption and sales whilst taking into account
their roles in the purchasing process in relation to a specific

Planning the Account

IM KAM includes powerful account segmentation tools that can combine Qualitative Field generated intelligence (such as local customer attitude) and Quantative Market intelligence (such as local patient data) to allow collaborative segmentation of accounts. The following are a selection of planning tools with IM KAM that can be tailored to a specific brand plan or working practice:

  • Interactive Planning Module
  • Configurable SWOT analysis
  • Network Mapping Module
  • Account Segmentation Tool
  • Brand CSF and KPI setting tools

Working the Account

IM KAM enables the Account Manager, Account Team and head office to track the progress of the account plan against the chosen KPIs in a variety of ways. From simple call reporting against target customers to complex KPI reporting and updating of project plans IM KAM enables the business to see at a glance the progress of the account plan from initial contact to completion of Critical Success Factors. All delivered within the KAM software.

  • Full call reporting
  • Account progress reporting
  • Real-Time updates of activities to the team and management
  • Brand-level Account Dashboards and Mapping

Reviewing the Account

IM KAM includes a full suite of reporting and analytics options to inform your KAM and brand teams about the effectiveness of activities in the account. The IM Elegant Architecture allows us to give you the complete picture of the customer or institution and your interactions with that person or organisation. This is made possible through our unique cloud architecture and our open, secure data management. For example, this approach makes it possible to see:

  • Total contacts on a customer by Account Manager, representative, medical, marketing and e contacts
  • Totality of spend by brand and account
  • Full ROI of all activities on an account
  • Aggregated account information - Which steps in the KAM process worked and which did not?
  • Brand Level Analytics - Which account types were most productive?

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