Interactive Medica

We provide the leading Cloud-based, Multi-tenant SaaS Application Suite built specifically for the needs of Life Science companies.

Our Application Suite encompasses CRM, CLM, KAM, Market Access, KOL/MSL Management, Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM), OTC, Medical Request Management, Transparency & Expense Reporting.

All our applications contain our Analytics & Reporting solution enabling our clients to manage, measure & adapt their commercial strategy in real-time and providing end users with "actionable analytics" that drill-down to transaction-level data.

In summary: Our clients are able to beat their competitors using applications that map to THEIR business processes in THEIR local & regional markets measuring THEIR KPIs.

The "Share of Voice" model is now dying as Healthcare systems across the globe get wise to value and outcomes-based pricing.

Leading Life Sciences companies are adapting their commercial model: they are introducing strategic selling techniques that dovetail "push" and "pull" levers. For these companies, knowing the market and having the agility to quickly adapt to changes is key. To do this, they need insight from "the field" but also from other marketing channels and analytics needed to extract insight.

Unfortunately, most CRM systems implemented over the last 5 years have been knee-jerk reactions to a need to replace legacy systems. These new systems, often cloud-based, were quickly implemented pseudo-SFA systems that are "transaction-collecting" devices.

Competitive advantage will be gained by companies that leverage the information across all their channels in a coordinated & agile way that lead to better business decisions.

Interactive Medica is here to help you gain from this new challenging but exciting environment we are now facing.

Our modular approach enables you to choose a solution based on your most pressing needs but then add to it in the future; in our multi-tenant, cloud environment it's as simple as switching on the required functionalities - always taking care to align these with your required business processes and analytics & reporting needs.

Our simple, user-based pricing model is aimed to make it attractive to add features or functionalities - or additional groups of users. 

Additionally, all solutions available within our multi-tenant application have Analytics & Reporting integrated in them as standard. At IM, we take Analytics seriously as it adds to your competitive advantage. It will never be an expensive "add on" service.

Our core is the experience the user gets from our applications. We invest heavily to ensure that our applications are the most intuitive and highly usable in the market. We also take pride in the beauty of our application. We realise that our solutions are a critical part of the daily work of each user and if they are faced with a clunky & messy screen each time they login, that will not increase their general work motivation nor their motivation to use and get the most out of the system.